2018: A Record Year For The SVFD
By SVFD Webteam
January 1, 2019

Now that 2019 is upon us we would like to take a few minutes to reflect on 2018. The year 2018 was our busiest on record with a total of 2,766 calls for service, this is an increase of 431 calls over 2017. The SVFD responds to both fire and EMS incidents in the Town of Somers. The Town of Somers has approximately 20,000 residents and covers 33 square miles. Members of the SVFD spend thousands of hours responding to emergencies, not including training, drills, community events, and the other day to day activities of the SVFD. The breakdown of the notable call types is as follows:

EMS- 1,997
Fire- 899

Automatic Alarm (Commercial)- 170
Automatic Alarm (Residential)- 160
Motor Vehicle Accidents- 130 (Note: Both Somers Fire and EMS respond to MVA's but only one incident number is generated)
Medical Alerts- 137
Reported Structure Fires- 60
Brush Fires- 14
Haz-Mat Incidents- 11
Vehicle Fires- 3

Mutual Aid Given (Fire)- 21
Mutual Aid Given (EMS)- 133

Notable Working Fires- Of the 60 reported structure fires in 2018 there was one 3rd alarm fire in October and multiple 10-75's throughout the year.

The SVFD is one of the busiest departments in Westchester County. According to the 2017 final numbers the SVFD was the 8th busiest department in the county with 2,335 calls.