Tanker Shuttle Drill at 294 Route 100
By SVFD Webteam
August 29, 2019

On Wednesday August 28th 2019, the SVFD conducted a tanker shuttle drill at the Sebastian Capital property on Route 100 (Former IBM Campus). Somers along with eight of our surrounding mutual aid departments practiced moving large amounts of water utilizing tanker trucks to fight a simulated fire. Utilizing 9 tankers ranging in water capacity from 2-3,000 gallons each we were able to supply an uninterrupted flow of water to the elevated master stream on Tower Ladder 18. Tanker shuttles are difficult operations to coordinate but necessary in areas where no fire hydrants are available. This drill allowed us to practice moving water as we would in real life for a building fire. Thank you to Sebastian Capital for allowing us to use the facility for this important drill and thank you to all the departments who participated!

Departments participating:
Croton Falls Volunteer Fire Department
Golden's Bridge Volunteer Fire Department
Katonah Volunteer Fire Department
Bedford Hills Volunteer Fire Department
Mahopac Volunteer Fire Department
Mahopac Falls Volunteer Fire Department
Putnam Valley Volunteer Fire Department
Westchester County Department of Emergency Services Battalion 13