Somers Fire District Inspection 2019
By SVFD Webteam
September 29, 2019

On September 29th 2019, the Somers Fire District held its annual inspection. Inspection is a tradition where the manpower and apparatus are presented to the Board of Fire Commissioners, visiting dignitaries, and town officials. The manpower and apparatus line up at the Amawalk firehouse for a walkthrough and the apparatus is judged on cleanliness by the Fairchester Hose Haulers. Following the formal inspection a banquet is held. The theme this year was Octoberfest and was held at The Salem Golf Club. Thank you to all who worked hard putting the Inspection together, those who attended, and the Putnam Valley Fire Department for covering the Somers Fire District so our members can enjoy the afternoon. The banquet also serves as our annual awards ceremony. A listing of the awards presented is below. Congratulations to all!

Inspection Apparatus Awards:
Class A- Engine 188 (Amawalk House)
Class B- Mini Attack 14 (Somers House)

Department Awards:
Member of the Year: Bill Sheehan
Most Improved: Laurent Verard
Chief's Award: Mike Goldberg
Top Responder: Brendan Porteus

Over 300 Alarms:
Assistant Chief Jon Mackey 519
Brendan Porteus 503
Bill Sheehan 442
Brian Fleming 336
Assistant Chief Ray Carile 332
Ex-Chief John Meeker 318
Lieutenant Mike Goldberg 311
Captain Greg Lucia 301

Over 200 Alarms:
Evan Kader 288
Travis Smith 270
Lieutenant Curt Benge 260
Chief of Department Paul Jockimo 229
Steve Jarrett 210
Jacob Leff 209
Shannon Mackey 202

Over 100 Alarms:
John Fitzgerald 193
Captain Robert Dugan 191
Chris Mullarkey 170
Frank Rittacco 166
Doug Crockatt 157
Don Spinelli 156
Bridget Foley 155
Irwin Schriro 151
Charlie Faulkner 149
Alex Donato 149
Dylan Mechanic 142
Walter Krysevig 133
Walter Mcdonald 128
Laurent Verard 125
Jeff Hopper 123
Kevin Barry 121
Paul Faust 120
John Wahlers 108
Matt Carroll 108
Bill Murtha 106
Patricia Russell 105
Mario Corrado 104
Chris Honey 102