2019 Year In Review
By SVFD Webteam
January 1, 2020

As 2019 comes to a close we are reflecting back on another busy year for the SVFD! In total during the year 2019 the SVFD responded to 2,571 calls for service with 682 being fire calls and 1,889 EMS. This was slightly down from 2018 when the SVFD responded to 2,776 calls. A breakdown of the call types is as follows:

EMS: 1,757
Commercial Alarm: 154
Residential Alarm: 134
Mutual Aid EMS: 132
Personal Injury Auto Accidents: 83
Lift Assist: 48
Carbon Monoxide Alarm: 43
Structure Fire: 41
Mutual Aid Fire: 32
Inside Smoke/Odor Investigation: 30
Electrical Hazard: 21
Outside Smoke/Odor Investigation: 11
Personal Injury Auto Accidents with Extrication: 11
Brush Fire: 10
Investigation- Water: 6
Hazard- Tree Road: 6
Vehicle Fire: 5
Carbon Monoxide Incident: 4
Technical Rescue: 4
Investigation: 4
Fluid Spill: 4
Gas Leak: 3
Inside Electrical Hazard: 2
Assist Police: 2
Property Damage Auto Accident: 2
Other Fire: 2
Alarm Trouble: 1
Haz-Mat: 1
Hazard- Tree: 1
Animal Rescue: 1
Lost Person: 1
Lockout- Structural: 1
Lockout- Vehicle: 1

** Towards the end of 2019 the way we categorize call types was adjusted to provide a more accurate description of what each call entailed.**

During 2019 the SVFD also conducted:
273 formal department drills totaling 2,155 hours.
119 In-house Standby's totaling 900 hours.

The officers and members of the SVFD wish everyone a happy and healthy 2020, hopefully you don't need our services but if you do we are here to help!