By SVFD Webteam
October 22, 2020

At 4:23pm on October 22nd the SVFD was dispatched to a residence in the preserves for an animal rescue. It was reported that a dog had fallen into a confined space in the house. SVFD members and Somers Police worked together to locate and begin rescuing the dog who was trapped inside a HVAC duct in the basement. SVFD members disassembled the duct work and began searching for the dog. It was discovered that a floor grate was inadvertently left open on the first floor and that’s how he ended up in the precarious situation. Cosmo the Yorkie was rescued after approximately 45 minutes and was very happy to be reunited with his loving family after his harrowing adventure. Excellent job by SVFD and SPD members serving the human and canine community of Somers!