SVFD Hosts Multiple Departments For a Tanker Drill
By SVFD Webteam
June 30, 2021

The SVFD hosted

Putnam Valley
Croton Falls
Mohegan (standby)
Yorktown Heights
Goldens Bridge
Mahopac falls
South Salem
Bedford Hills
Westchester County DES Field Comm 1
Westchester County DES Battalion 13


For a multi-department tanker drill at the former IBM campus, believed to be one of the largest held in the area. Tanker operations are crucial to fire safety in Somers as the majority of our town is not serviced by fire hydrants. Tankers carry large quantities of water which is shuttled to the scene and then dumped in portable ponds. During a large incident, we request mutual aid from surrounding towns to maximize the amount of water necessary to suppress the fire. An effective tanker shuttle should operate like a well oiled machine and drills like this hone our skills. During the drill we were successfully able to move 75,000+ gallons of water and flow approximately 1,000 gallons per minute at both ladder trucks continuously for 90 minutes.

Thanks to Sebastian Capital, owner of the former IBM site, Westchester's 60-control Field-com, and Suez Water for making tonight a reality. Photo credit to SVFD members and Dave Kempter from Croton FD.